$QQQ in a perfect up-trend; GMI and $QLD rock! GLB $SHOP $FUN $WIX resuming up-trends?


This daily Guppy chart of the QQQ shows that all 12 moving averages are lined up perfectly with the closing prices (gray dotted line) leading them all higher. Note the GLB to an all-time high in January. As long as the RWB pattern persists it is still time for me to be long growth stocks. If you want to see how following the GMI to trade QLD beats all other strategies this year, click here.

SHOP recently resumed its up-trend and so I jumped on.


FUN may also be getting ready to resume its up-trend after consolidating post GLB.

And also WIX.

The GMI is back to 5 (of 6). The QQQ short term up-trend is now 63 days old.

60th day of $QQQ short term up-trend; market internals weakening; GLB: $MOMO


The T2108 has closed below 50% (to 49%) for the first time since November 10 when this rally was taking off. T2108 indicates that only 49% of all NYSE stocks closed above their simple 40 day moving average of price. In addition, the GMI and GMI-2 are both registering 4. The QQQ short term up-trend is now 60 days old. For the past two days there have been more new lows than highs. While the QQQ remains in a long and short term up-trend, there are signs of weakening. And the Fed may take away the delicious spiked punch bowl next week….

Meanwhile, yesterday $MOMO broke out in a GLB (see glossary for definitions) on huge daily volume after reporting earnings.


58th day of $QQQ short term up-trend; GLB: $PEN $DERM $OLED $SHOP; $NVDA flashing market top? Thanks to SMT and recording


I ran a scan (Scan: 11132016ATHweeklygainhivol available free at my TC2000 club) to look for stocks from my all-time high list that were up last week on above average  weekly volume and then looked among them for those that had a GLB last week. Both PEN and DERM met these criteria. DERM has good recent earnings (+85%) but PEN does not (-233%). But PEN was an IPO in September 2015 and has more than doubled since its lows. So someone thinks it  worthy of accumulating PEN. Note last week’s volume spikes in the weekly charts of each of these stocks. These stocks merit further research.

OLED had a GLB 2 weeks ago and looks very strong to me but may be too extended for me to buy right now. It is floating way above its 4 week average (red dotted line). I will wait patiently for an entry.

But SHOP had a GLB in the first week of January.  I missed seeing my TC2000 alert and thought I had missed the break-out. I should have bought it on one of the subsequent bounces off of its rising 4 week average.

The weakening of the market leader NVDA,is perhaps flashing a warning of a tired bull. Note the heavy volume down weeks (red spikes) and that for 6 of the last 10 weeks NVDA closed down. Double top?

The GMI is at 5 (of 6), because there were fewer than 100 new highs (87) on Friday. The GMI-2 is at 6 (of 8) with its two most sensitive components having turned negative. I am concerned that the analysts do not appear to fear a rate hike in March. When the pundits start to think that the Fed’s raising rates does not matter, the market often contradicts them.


Last Thursday I presented a lecture before the local Society of Market Technicians. A gentleman came up to me and gave me a gift for my webmaster son in gratitude for his helping me to run this site. While I, unfortunately, did not take his name, my son sends his warmest thanks. SMT will be posting a recording of my talk for members on their site.