Blog post: Excellent technical trader and educator, Vas, can now be followed on twitter: @TCLTrader; Short term treasuries, $SHY, in steep daily BWR down-trend = rising interest rates


Vas, a follower of Al Brooks, presents to my students each year. He has amazing expertise in using technical analysis and now shares his thoughts in his tweets…..

Look at this adapted GMMA chart of SHY. As bonds decline, interest rates rise.



Blog post: Put/call ratio=1.08 suggesting short term bottom; 5 new highs and 1,308 new lows; $GLD has daily RWB up-trend; get the free recording of my AAII seminar Tuesday evening


Register for my Tuesday evening Eastern Michigan AAII seminar here and get the free recording. The gold ETF, GLD, has a daily RWB up-trend and shows two days of unusually high volume advances in the past 4 days. People often buy gold when they get scared. I will tell you during the webinar how I will decide to reenter the market on the long side.