Market rally continues; GMCR soars; Rocket Stocks; Dollar cost averaging into my pension


The QQQQ up-trend completed its 32nd day on Friday.   When will the up-trend end?   No one knows.   My strategy is to hold growth stocks as long as the up-trend is in place.   Prior up-trends the past 3 years   have lasted as long as 86 days.   So the current up-trend may have a time to go, especially with the fear and skepticism accompanying this one.   On Friday there were only 11 stocks at new highs and 11 at new lows.   After the recent market decline there just are not many stocks near their 52 week highs. On two days last week there were   26 new highs in my universe of 4,000 stocks.   The last time there were more than 100 new highs in a day was September 18.

A stock at a 52 week high is rare, but even more rare is one at an all-time high.   I have been highlighting such rocket stocks the past few weeks.   One stock I wrote about in mid-April is GMCR.   Last week the stock soared 35%, bringing my account well into the black for the year.   There are a lot of other stocks at or near all time highs, including QSII, TNDM, ALGT, ARST, NFLX, AAN, AZO, HGG, ORLY, NTES, SNDA, LFT.   All but 2 (HGG and ORLY) are on my IBD100 list from April 27.   I own some of these rocket stocks and think that some of the next great market leaders will be from this list.   Any stock that can come through the past market decline and now be near its all time high is a winner.

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QQQQ down-trend continues; Amazon kindles an impressive gain


There were 3 new highs and 106 new lows in my universe of 4,000 stocks on Wednesday.   The QQQQ completed the 17th day of its short term down-trend.   It would have to rise a lot more to begin a new up-trend.   Still, I cannot resist buying an occasional strong stock during a counter trend rally. One stock I own a little of is AMZN, a stock championed by Judy.

AMZN had a huge gap up on January 30th when it beat earnings estimates, then consolidated for several weeks.   (Looks like a head and shoulders bottom?) Today, AMZN appears to have broken out again.   AMZN has a great new product in the Kindle 2 digital reader.

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How I use put options as investment insurance


There were 7 new highs and 1,221 new lows in my universe of 4,000 stocks on Friday.   The QQQQ completed the 14th day of its short term down-trend within a longer term down-trend. I heard on Fast Money that the AAII survey has the most bearish reading ever.   Furthermore, the momentum indicator in IBD for the Nasdaq 100 index futures is below 25%, the place from which   rallies tend to begin.   And with the T2108 at 7%, in deeply oversold territory, I am becoming reluctant to add more shorts right now.

Last week, a person who knows nothing about the market asked me how to short stocks.   This is reminiscent of the   stories of the shoeshine boys providing stock tips, near the roaring 20’s market’s top.   The sentiment is just too negative right now.   Does this mean the market has to turn up?  

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