QQQQ rally continues, in 14th day and up 8.7%, but 3X emerging bull ETF, EDC, up 28.2%


There were 11 new highs and 4 new lows in my universe of 4,000 stocks on Monday.   Five of the 11 new highs were on the IBD100 list from March 30:   TNDN, NFLX, GMCR, NTES and CPSI.   All of these but CPSI hit all-time highs, an extraordinary accomplishment, given the market’s decline over the past year.   Any stock trading today at an all-time high is probably worthy of   attention.   I own GMCR and NFLX.   One other stock on the new high list Monday is TSYS, which I wrote about months ago.   It has huge recent earnings increases and has been in a steady up-trend.

I am putting more and more funds back into the market as this up-trend continues. By my indicators, the QQQQ   just completed the 14th day of its short term up-trend.   During that time, the QQQQ has advanced 8.7%, while the ultra long QQQQ ETF, QLD,   has advanced 17.6%.   During QQQQ up-trends I buy QLD.   During this same time period, the emerging markets bull 3X ETF, EDC, has advanced 28.2%.   Those who say the 3X ETF’s are worthless as trading vehicles (as in J. Cramer) should look at these data.

The new 3x ETF’s–triple your pleasure — or pain


As you know, when I try to trade the trend of the QQQQ, I buy QLD (ultra long) or QID (ultra short) ETF’s.   These ultra   ETF’s are designed to move twice as much as the underlying index they track.   Well, less well known is that there now exist 3x ETF’s, designed to move three times as much as the underlying index. I knew about the recent emergence of these Direxion ETF’s, but was surprised to see how quickly they have caught on.   I have now located 16 of them, and 8 of them traded more than one million   shares each on the NYSE on Friday.   Here are the ones I have found.   Bull ETF’s: FAS, BGU, TNA, ERX, EDC, MWJ, TYH, and DZK.   Bear ETF’s: FAZ, BGZ, TZA, ERY, EDZ, MWN, TYP, DPK .   One can even trade options on most of these!   Remember, the leverage works both ways, they aim to go up or down at 3x the speed of the relevant index.   Still, if I have a good idea of the trend, these ETF’s may prove better than going to the casino and putting everything on black or red………..

Meanwhile, the GMI

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