$GKOS: GLB with Green Dot; GMI= 6 (of 6)


I like to find recent GLB stocks that have a green dot signal. I am focusing on very strong stocks near their ATH and in an up trend that have an indication of a short term bounce (green dot). The weekly chart below shows the nice long term set-up of GKOS. It is clearly in a Stage II up-trend and has been consolidating after a huge week last August. The daily chart shows the green dot set-up. In addition, the stock has recently bounced up from its lower 15.2 daily Bollinger Band. GKOS is starting to report profitable quarters. If I bought GKOS my sell stop would be below the low of the recent bounce. I also might sell sooner if it closed back below its green line. You can find a video for adding green dots to your TC2000 charts at my TC2000 club.



GMI back to 6 (of 6); GLB last week and at least 2X low past year $MEDP $NSP and 2 weeks ago $ZEN


The major indexes I follow have closed back above their 30 week moving averages. The question remains whether they can move above their all-time highs. I prefer to see the 30 week average (red line)  turn up. In the past, getting back into the market after the 30 week average has turned up has enabled me to catch the ensuing up-trend.

Three recent GLB stocks. ZEN broke out 2 weeks ago.