Since GMI buy signal on 7/1 $TQQQ beats all index ETFs, most individual stocks and #IBD50 stocks–yet again


It just is not worth it for me to try to find in advance the rare stock that will beat the 3X leveraged NASDAQ 100 ETF, TQQQ.

Screen Shot 2016-08-07 at 7.41.05 PM

Fewer then 5% of the stocks in the DOW, SPY, QQQ and IBD50 list from 7/4 beat the performance of just holding the TQQQ since the GMI Buy Signal on July 1 (+25.8%). Even the more conservative QLD (2X leveraged) does better. How many times must I repeat this analysis before I change my approach. The best strategy is for me to wade into TQQQ after a GMI Buy Signal. Trying to find the rare stock that will beat the TQQQ is a fool’s errand, just to satisfy one’s ego. The goal is to have the best chance of making money, not to hit the very rare lottery.

The GMI remains on a Buy Signal at 5 (of 6).



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