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Sep 19.11 / Dr. Wish
GMI rises to 3; Market may be turning, some promising growth stocks at new highs

To understand human beings, one must concentrate on their behavior rather than their words. The same goes for the markets.   Ignore all of the verbal noise of the media pundits and concentrate on the markets’ actions.   And this market appears to be turning around, at least for now.   The T2108 is well […]

Apr 08.11 / Dr. Wish
7th day of new QQQ short term up-trend; Sell in May and go away?

While almost all of my indicators are positive, I am keeping an eye on AAPL, which is still weak. The popular explanation for AAPL’s weakness is that its weighting in the Nasdaq 100 index will be reduced on May 2. ETF’s that mimic this index will have to reduce their holdings in AAPL. I am […]

Apr 04.11 / Dr. Wish
IBD50 list from 1/10 out-performs Nasdaq100 and S&P500 stocks; Some IBD50 stocks at support

In January, IBD discontinued the IBD100 list of stocks published each Monday and started publishing a shorter, better list of 50 stocks—IBD50. I rely heavily on IBD’s list of stocks because I am convinced that the high momentum growth stocks that meet their selection criteria do out-perform other stocks in a rising market.   I […]

Mar 15.11 / Dr. Wish
GMI at 1, as QQQQ short term down-trend completes 5th day; in cash and short; T2108 still neutral

I never fight the trend of the general market.   With the GMI registering 1, and the QQQQ short term down-trend having reached its 5th day, I am confident that the best place to be in my short term trading account is on the sidelines or short.   So, I remain in cash and hold […]

Mar 13.11 / Dr. Wish
QQQQ short term down-trend reaches 4th day; GMI: 1, mainly in cash; 3X inverse ETF’s surge

The key to profiting in the stock market is to be in long positions during up-trends and on the sidelines or short during down-trends.   Because the longer term trend of the market remains up, I keep my university pension funds invested in mutual funds.   However, in my shorter term trading accounts, I refuse […]

Mar 11.11 / Dr. Wish
GMI dives to 1; in cash and inverse ETF’s

The GMI declined to 1; the only positive indicator remaining is the WishingWealth Weekly QQQQ Index, which is still in a Stage 2 up-trend.   But even the IBD Mutual Fund Index is now below its 50 day average, showing that the growth mutual funds are weakening.   The QQQQ short term down-trend is now […]

Mar 07.11 / Dr. Wish
Introducing the GMI2;; IBD50 stock performance: put options on LULU

I have replaced the GMI-R that combined the 6 indicators from the GMI with 4 additional indicator. The new GMI2 contains the 4 indicators from the GMI-R and adds two additional indicators.   The GMI and the GMI2 will each count 6 different indicators.   I have GMI statistics for several years and have found […]

Mar 04.11 / Dr. Wish
Markets rebound–again; QQQQ weekly chart reveals market trend; TDSC rockets higher

The GMI and GMI-R are both indicating a general market up-trend. The Worden T2108 is back to 74%, still in neutral territory.   Meanwhile this weekly chart of the Nasdaq 100 index shows it to be in a firm up-trend since September.   The key bullish pattern of 4wk>10wk>30 wk average is evident and the […]

Mar 01.11 / Dr. Wish
QQQQ Short Term Up-trend resumes; Worden workshop coming to DC; RWB stock: PRGO

The GMI rose to 5 and the GMI-R to 7 on Monday.   I began a new QQQQ short term up-trend count. I still will feel more confidence in the new up-trend if it reaches day 5.   Nevertheless, it is okay for me to go long again in my short term account.   My […]

Feb 28.11 / Dr. Wish
University of Maryland Stock Challenge now open

All students, faculty,   staff and honors alumni of the University System of Maryland are invited to register for the Spring 2011 Stock Challenge.   Registration is free and everyone gets a $100,000 margin account to trade.   It is a great way to learn how to manage an account without risking real money.   […]

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