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Nov 18.13 / Dr. Wish
27th day of QQQ short term up-trend; Bollinger Band constrains QQQ and gives me an edge

QQQ fails to break above top Bollinger Band (15,2) and bounces down. I look for support at the lower band, around 81.77. I find that the 15 day 2 standard deviation   Bollinger Bands are very useful for identifying short term support and resistance levels for the index ETF’s. Just look at the daily chart […]

Apr 30.12 / Dr. Wish
How I find the next AAPL growth stock; New GMI buy signal; IBD50 out-performs again

When I presented at the DC Worden Seminar two weeks ago, I asked the audience how many would buy a stock at a new high.   Only about 5% of the 200 people in attendance raised their hands. I was incredulous. All of them admitted they wanted to buy a stock that went to the […]

Nov 23.10 / Dr. Wish
Leaders rebound strongly; TQQQ-3X ETF for the QQQQ, CTXS: cup-with-handle?

The GMI is 5 (of 6) and the more sensitive GMI-R is back to 9 (of 10). The relatively weak major stock averages do not tell Monday’s story.   Leading stocks like AAPL, AMZN, NFLX, and PCLN had terrific days.   The new QQQQ up-trend is now in its 2nd day. I am more certain […]

Apr 19.10 / Dr. Wish
How I buy AAPL for 12% down without using margin!

I thought you might like to know a way to buy a stock for little money down using deep in-the-money call options.   I became aware of this option (pun intended!) by reading Lee Lowell’s wonderful book on ways to get rich from options. A call option provides someone the right (but not the obligation) […]

Mar 15.10 / Dr. Wish
Jim Cramer on stop loss orders–terribly wrong again! KCI soars; How I trade the 3X ETF’s

I am dumbfounded!     I recently taped some of Cramer’s shows and reviewed Friday’s show this weekend.   At about 10 minutes into his show, Cramer responded to a caller who asked him about the use of stop loss orders.   Cramer ranted on about how he did not want his “home gamers” to […]

Feb 22.10 / Dr. Wish
How to use IBD 100 and New America stocks and TC2007 to find potential rocket stocks; Market rally begins

I am writing this post primarily to teach my students how I search for potential rocket stocks–stocks that have been launched and appear headed towards new peaks.   As I said in class this week, it makes the most sense to buy stocks that have the best fundamentals and technicals.   This strategy has been […]

Feb 08.10 / Dr. Wish
More new lows than highs; T2108 and stochastic in oversold territory

For the first time since early November, there were more new lows than new highs in my universe of 4,000 stocks on Friday. Furthermore, the Worden T2108 indicator is getting near the level (below 20%) where declines sometimes end.   Friday was the 11th day of the current QQQQ short term down-trend.   We are […]

Oct 26.09 / Dr. Wish
Exciting New Worden stock tool–volume buzz at

I recently attended a Worden seminar about their new software,, which will eventually probably replace TC2007, my favorite analytic program.   While there, they talked about the   free software that they make available to everyone, is a platform that is very similar to their new StockFinder software, but it is […]

Oct 19.09 / Dr. Wish
Using Bollinger bands to avoid buying extended from support.

When I teach my class to honors students I find that the biggest mistake they make in trading is buying a stock when it is too extended from support.   They buy when it is extended and then sell as it falls back to support.   I did that a lot until I reviewed several […]

Jun 14.09 / Dr. Wish
How my General Market Indicator (GMI) and technical analysis kept me and my 401K out of the bear market

Many of you have requested that I post a chart showing the recent performance of the GMI over the past year.   The GMI, though not perfect, has successfully kept me on the right side of the market through the 2000-2002 and 2008 bear market declines.   I simply go to cash in my university […]

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