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Apr 14.13 / Dr. Wish
Market in strong up-trend; Beware the bearish media pundits; Gold’s “sudden” decline

All of my indicators remain positive. Most important, the QQQ has now closed back above its 10 week average price, after closing below it last week.   It is amazing to me how many of the media pundits are saying the market is too high when the SPY and DIA have just broken through their […]

Jun 18.12 / Dr. Wish
An excerpt from my trading diary from the 90’s; Market at critical juncture? IBD declares new up-trend; ASPS and QCOR

“It continually amuses me how people call into these radio commentators and ask them for their advice about when to buy and sell, when all have shown an inability to predict these major declines.   Each day these sages offer new advice and wipe the slate clean from their past failures.   Perhaps we need […]

Feb 07.11 / Dr. Wish
Nicolas Darvas, on the value of studying one’s trading losses; RWB stocks, COST, RVBD

I am reprinting below some of my writings from a few years ago in order to give my new students some understanding of my approach to the market. “it is utterly useless for us on the outside, who buy and sell comparatively small blocks of stock, to conjecture about what “they” are doing.   We […]

Sep 27.10 / Dr. Wish
Introducing Red White and Blue (RWB) Stocks–The Pattern of Rockets

I identified the beginning of the new QQQQ short term up-trend on September 7th.   The GMI on that day registered   5 (of 6).   One of the lessons I learned from the great Nicolas Darvas is to use one’s own judgment and to insulate oneself from the news, media pundits and other traders. […]

Aug 05.10 / Dr. Wish
Going long—FFIV and other Darvas Scan stocks

Now that the GMI is 6 and many stocks are hitting new 52 week highs again, I am looking for strong stocks to buy.   As you know, I prefer to buy stocks that have already doubled in the past year and that are trading at or near their all-time highs.   I also want […]

Mar 29.10 / Dr. Wish
With iPad debut on the horizon, AAPL shines; Tech Up-Trend Continues, but QLD beats most IBD100 stocks again

Well, we will finally see if the iPad success is already built into the stock’s price.   While a lot of pundits think that the stock is over priced, a look at the monthly chart suggests to me that the stock has just broken out of a 2 year base.   This stock may have […]

Mar 15.10 / Dr. Wish
Jim Cramer on stop loss orders–terribly wrong again! KCI soars; How I trade the 3X ETF’s

I am dumbfounded!     I recently taped some of Cramer’s shows and reviewed Friday’s show this weekend.   At about 10 minutes into his show, Cramer responded to a caller who asked him about the use of stop loss orders.   Cramer ranted on about how he did not want his “home gamers” to […]

Feb 22.10 / Dr. Wish
How to use IBD 100 and New America stocks and TC2007 to find potential rocket stocks; Market rally begins

I am writing this post primarily to teach my students how I search for potential rocket stocks–stocks that have been launched and appear headed towards new peaks.   As I said in class this week, it makes the most sense to buy stocks that have the best fundamentals and technicals.   This strategy has been […]

Nov 23.09 / Dr. Wish
Up-trend continues; some Darvas rocket stocks; daily stochastics declining

There are a number of stocks that came up in my “Darvas Scan” that are     trading near five year highs and have good technicals and fundamentals. These stocks include: NEU, PCLN, AMZN, NFLX, EGO, LZ, CML, ABV, CBD, WCRX, EW, WES, CPLA.   Some of these stocks may turn out to be rockets […]

Sep 21.09 / Dr. Wish
Ultra 3X ETF’s beat individual stocks again!

The table below, like the one I showed in late August, shows me the wisdom of forsaking individual stocks in favor of the 2X or 3X ETF”s.   Why try to find the few stocks that can beat these ETF’s when the odds are so low?   Since the current short bounce began September 1, […]

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