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Jan 10.16 / Dr. Wish
All World Stock Markets entering BWR Down-trends! I am in cash and monitoring T2108

I assume that most  U.S. part-time traders, like me, tend to monitor  closely the U.S. stock indexes. I have been writing that the major indexes I follow (DIA, QQQ, SPY and NYSE) appear to be entering major down-trends, showing the RWB pattern I invented by modifying GMMA weekly charts. My charts have 12 exponential weekly […]

Sep 22.15 / Dr. Wish
GMI back to 0 (of 6); Why I heed my General Market Indicator (GMI)

My QQQ short term trend indicator is back to a down-trend, after only 2 days of an up-trend. This indicator is focused on the very short term trend and is different from the GMI. I have said that I trust a change in my short term trend direction only after it lasts 5 days. Below […]

Aug 30.15 / Dr. Wish
Is worst of stock market decline over? I’m not betting on it…..

Wouldn’t you know that the extreme market action would occur just after I went on vacation? I was not surprised by the down market last Monday. When stocks have a bad week and end on a down note on Friday, people get scared over the weekend and sell on Monday morning.   The depth of […]

May 25.15 / Dr. Wish
10th day of $QQQ short term up-trend; $AAPL leading market higher; 5 GLB stocks; GLB in IPOs

With AAPL showing strength, it looks like this market will move higher. Check out AAPL’s daily chart. And its strong RWB pattern. Stocks are breaking through their green line tops to all-time highs. Like SYNA And IMAX And MGA And TCX And CTRP I like to hold stocks that break up through their green line […]

Feb 22.15 / Dr. Wish
An important limitation of the GMI signals

I have found that since 2006, the GMI has done a good job of keeping me on the side of the general market trend. It is my cardinal rule to trade consistent with the market trend.   While the GMI has helped me to exit the market in prior major declines, I have discovered an […]

Oct 05.14 / Dr. Wish
6th day of $QQQ short term down-trend; 11 Biotechs with green line break-outs: $ARDX,$VRTX,$AGIO,$UTHR,$RCPT,$ESPR,$OVAS,$PTCT,$CMRX,$BSTC,$TTPH

The GMI remains on a Sell signal and I remain largely in cash and hedged.   I do hold a few biotech stocks, see discussion below. This market is rebounding from a high volume decline. It remains to be seen whether this rebound will retake prior peaks or falter somewhere before. This week is very […]

Sep 28.14 / Dr. Wish
This market is not out of the woods; Finding bio-tech stars like $AGIO and $VRTX

The GMI now registers 1 and flashed a Sell signal as of Friday’s close and my QQQ short term trend   has turned down.   Sometimes these changes in short term trend do not persist for more than a day or two, so I watch the market action very closely.     There are a […]

Sep 01.14 / Dr. Wish
New Rocket Scan; 12th day of $QQQ short term up-trend; $THRM, $LEA-cup and handle

One of the best areas of support for a rising stock is its 10 week moving average. A lot of rocket stocks rest there and then resume their rise.   I created a new TC2000 scan that scans over 6,000 U.S. stocks for a strong rocket pattern and a bounce up off of the stock’s […]

Aug 03.14 / Dr. Wish
GMI Successful 10 Day New High Indicator Predicted Current Decline; $T2108 indicator, $AAPL

As you know, I like to focus on stocks breaking to new 52 week highs.   Strength usually begets strength. One of the things that my stock gurus (Livermore, Darvas, O’Neil) have noticed   is that when a lot of the the types of stocks they traded broke out and did not continue higher it […]

Jun 08.14 / Dr. Wish
What a market top looks like

I teach my students to let the action of the market reveal its true nature.   Ignore the interpretations of the media pundits, who are typically most interested in selling their advice. Many of these pundits have been warning of an imminent market top.   They have their many logical scenarios and use fundamentals and […]

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