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Dec 09.13 / Dr. Wish
Yes, one can time the market!; IBD 50 lists outperform on gainers and decliners

The media pundits say it is impossible to time the markets.  By making investing appear complex and beyond most people, they protect their jobs and the jobs of many financial advisers.  I have been able to use a few simple indicators to keep me out of the major market declines.  I protected my pension from […]

Nov 24.13 / Dr. Wish
GMI based strategy using 3X ETF’s beats IBD 50 stocks

I decided to look at how IBD 50 stocks have performed during the time since September 4, when the GMI issued the  buy signal, that is still in effect. I examined seven IBD 50 lists that had been published, beginning with the one from 2/7/3013.  Using TC2000 I computed the percentage of the stocks in […]

Nov 08.13 / Dr. Wish
20th day of QQQ short term up-trend; How daily MACD histogram predicted decline

IBD now calls the “Uptrend under pressure.’ Meanwhile, I had already closed out my position in TQQQ earlier in the week.  Why?  I posted last Sunday night that I saw technical weakening in the QQQ, based on its diminishing stochastics and MACD histogram.  Both indicators have continued to weaken.  I want to show you, how […]

Oct 06.13 / Dr. Wish
GMI back to 6; 4 green line break-out stocks from last week and 2 prior winners–FLT and TSLA

The GMI is back to 6 (of 6). I have to “fly by instrument” and stay invested long in spite of my emotions from the news.  My university pension has remained 100% invested in mutual funds.  My trading accounts are now holding long positions. (Long means I am expecting the equity to rise.) I did […]

May 20.13 / Dr. Wish
How to find a TSLA like explosive stock before its huge advance; more green line break-outs

I know all of us would like to identify a break-out stock like TSLA before it doubles.  Did TSLA give itself away before its break-out?  I believe the methods I have been demonstrating show how it would be  possible to detect such an explosive move in advance. So, let’s do it. First, I have been […]

Apr 30.12 / Dr. Wish
How I find the next AAPL growth stock; New GMI buy signal; IBD50 out-performs again

When I presented at the DC Worden Seminar two weeks ago, I asked the audience how many would buy a stock at a new high.  Only about 5% of the 200 people in attendance raised their hands. I was incredulous. All of them admitted they wanted to buy a stock that went to the moon, […]

Jul 25.11 / Dr. Wish
My strategy for trading stocks that will advance $25 per share in a month

I am going to share with you  a strategy that has helped me to make money the past year.  It conflicts with most of the truisms that we have been taught about the market. But if we trade like most people do, than we can expect to have the results most have— to not make […]

Dec 13.10 / Dr. Wish
Where are we in the market cycle? Riding the up-trend.

I used my favorite indicators to review the Dow 30 Index’s action since 1915, as this is how far back TC2007 allows me to track this index.  I looked at the monthly chart and the following indicators: 5 and 30 month simple moving averages and the 25.4.4 monthly stochastic. I am posting a chart of […]

Sep 27.10 / Dr. Wish
Introducing Red White and Blue (RWB) Stocks–The Pattern of Rockets

I identified the beginning of the new QQQQ short term up-trend on September 7th.  The GMI on that day registered  5 (of 6).  One of the lessons I learned from the great Nicolas Darvas is to use one’s own judgment and to insulate oneself from the news, media pundits and other traders.  He learned this […]

Nov 26.09 / Dr. Wish
My Trading Philosophy and Why I Use Technical Analysis

As a tribute to the Thanksgiving Holiday, I thought I would share with my readers the trading philosophy I have developed over the years.  It is based on my 40+ years of experience in the market and the insights achieved from my voracious reading about the market during that period. My philosophy is based on […]

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