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Dec 14.14 / Dr. Wish
Trend change imminent; World markets in free-fall

The GMI registered 2 after Friday’s close and will likely be 2 or less again on Monday, triggering a GMI Sell signal. If so, I will close out my few longs and accumulate a leveraged inverse ETF (SQQQ). The T2108 is at 36% and has a long way to fall before our markets are at […]

Dec 07.14 / Dr. Wish
9 Biotechs and 1 ETF near green line break-outs (all-time highs): $AGIO,$ALXN,$BSTC,$CMRX,$ENTA,$ILMN,$JAZZ,$KITE,$RGLS,$BIB

Most of the stock gurus whom I respect have written that one can make the most money by investing in  companies that have visionary, often revolutionary products. When Nicolas Darvas made millions  in the 1950s he invested in rockets, as the country became involved in a race to space. Other more recent examples are the […]

Nov 30.14 / Dr. Wish
25th day of $QQQ short term up-trend; Warning signs appear

A few warnings signs flashed on Friday.  While 82% of the Nasdaq 100 stocks rose, only 31% of all U.S. stocks rose.  As I tweeted during the day, the Worden T2108 fell on Friday in the midst of the rise in techs and was a cause for concern.  (My rare tweets can be followed: @WishingWealth) […]

Nov 23.14 / Dr. Wish
21st day of $QQQ up-trend; indexes may be over-extended

The three market index ETFs I follow (DIA, QQQ, SPY) all opened outside of their upper daily 15.2 Bollinger Bands and closed back below them. This may represent extremely over-bought conditions. A down day on Monday would likely indicate some retracement of the recent rally will take place. I am therefore very cautious about the […]

Nov 16.14 / Dr. Wish
Daily GMMA of $QQQ shows continued strong up-trend; $BITA: cup and handle break-out

The daily GMMA chart of the QQQ shows the strong current up-trend in this index ETF.  The arrows show recent GMI Buy and Sell signals.  Note how the short term averages (red lines) constrict when a pause occurs. As long as the shorter term averages are rising above the longer term averages (blue) the up-trend […]

Nov 09.14 / Dr. Wish
11th day of $QQQ short term up-trend; GLB stocks: $MPLX, $RENT

Here are weekly charts of two stocks that are recent GLB that hit new all-time highs last week. Meanwhile, the GMI remains at 6 (of 6).

Nov 02.14 / Dr. Wish
Stocks at new highs and with good fundamentals; $MNST, $NKE

I ran my TC2000 scan for stocks with good earnings that hit a 52 week high on Friday. The list is posted to the right. There were 15 stocks. Five have a flag to the left, indicating they appear in one of my IBD watch lists. All of these but DTSI and FARM, are trading […]

Oct 27.14 / Dr. Wish
GMI performance since 2006; GMI flashes a Buy; GLB $RCPT takes off; GLB: $EW

In response to a comment left by a reader who questioned the value of the GMI, I am posting a visual of how the QQQ behaved since 2006 while the GMI was on a Sell (red) or Buy (green) signal.  You will see that the GMI got me out of the major declines.  The cost […]

Oct 26.14 / Dr. Wish
$QQQ short term trend turns up, retakes 30 week average; GLB stocks shine: $AAPL,$BABY,$AGIO,$RGLS,$REGN

The snap-back in my indicators was quick and extraordinary. A new QQQ short term up-trend has begun. However, it has to last 5 days for me to heavily accumulate TQQQ,  the 3X leveraged bullish QQQ ETF.  I did take a small position in TQQQ at the end of the day on Friday. Buying right after […]

Oct 19.14 / Dr. Wish
16th day of $QQQ short term down-trend; Bottom or dead cat bounce? Keeping an eye on the $BABY

The sharp rise on Friday came from very over-sold levels. Given that the market often is strong towards the end of the year, I would not be surprised to see a rise that takes us through mid-January. But with people being worried by  Ebola and the Fed’s cessation of QE , this market could resume […]

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