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Nov 16.14 / Dr. Wish
Daily GMMA of $QQQ shows continued strong up-trend; $BITA: cup and handle break-out

The daily GMMA chart of the QQQ shows the strong current up-trend in this index ETF.  The arrows show recent GMI Buy and Sell signals.  Note how the short term averages (red lines) constrict when a pause occurs. As long as the shorter term averages are rising above the longer term averages (blue) the up-trend […]

Nov 09.14 / Dr. Wish
11th day of $QQQ short term up-trend; GLB stocks: $MPLX, $RENT

Here are weekly charts of two stocks that are recent GLB that hit new all-time highs last week. Meanwhile, the GMI remains at 6 (of 6).

Nov 02.14 / Dr. Wish
Stocks at new highs and with good fundamentals; $MNST, $NKE

I ran my TC2000 scan for stocks with good earnings that hit a 52 week high on Friday. The list is posted to the right. There were 15 stocks. Five have a flag to the left, indicating they appear in one of my IBD watch lists. All of these but DTSI and FARM, are trading […]

Oct 27.14 / Dr. Wish
GMI performance since 2006; GMI flashes a Buy; GLB $RCPT takes off; GLB: $EW

In response to a comment left by a reader who questioned the value of the GMI, I am posting a visual of how the QQQ behaved since 2006 while the GMI was on a Sell (red) or Buy (green) signal.  You will see that the GMI got me out of the major declines.  The cost […]

Oct 26.14 / Dr. Wish
$QQQ short term trend turns up, retakes 30 week average; GLB stocks shine: $AAPL,$BABY,$AGIO,$RGLS,$REGN

The snap-back in my indicators was quick and extraordinary. A new QQQ short term up-trend has begun. However, it has to last 5 days for me to heavily accumulate TQQQ,  the 3X leveraged bullish QQQ ETF.  I did take a small position in TQQQ at the end of the day on Friday. Buying right after […]

Oct 19.14 / Dr. Wish
16th day of $QQQ short term down-trend; Bottom or dead cat bounce? Keeping an eye on the $BABY

The sharp rise on Friday came from very over-sold levels. Given that the market often is strong towards the end of the year, I would not be surprised to see a rise that takes us through mid-January. But with people being worried by  Ebola and the Fed’s cessation of QE , this market could resume […]

Oct 13.14 / Dr. Wish
11th day of $QQQ short term down-trend; How long will this market decline last?

If anyone tells me they know  when a market decline will end, I ignore them and run the other way.  The truth is that no one knows, except by chance, when a market will turn.  The market consists of millions of “voters” all betting on stocks using different strategies and each with their own tolerance […]

Oct 05.14 / Dr. Wish
6th day of $QQQ short term down-trend; 11 Biotechs with green line break-outs: $ARDX,$VRTX,$AGIO,$UTHR,$RCPT,$ESPR,$OVAS,$PTCT,$CMRX,$BSTC,$TTPH

The GMI remains on a Sell signal and I remain largely in cash and hedged.  I do hold a few biotech stocks, see discussion below. This market is rebounding from a high volume decline. It remains to be seen whether this rebound will retake prior peaks or falter somewhere before. This week is very critical […]

Sep 28.14 / Dr. Wish
This market is not out of the woods; Finding bio-tech stars like $AGIO and $VRTX

The GMI now registers 1 and flashed a Sell signal as of Friday’s close and my QQQ short term trend  has turned down.  Sometimes these changes in short term trend do not persist for more than a day or two, so I watch the market action very closely.   There are a lot of other technical […]

Sep 21.14 / Dr. Wish
Market is weaker than it looks–nifty 50 all over again?

There are some very curious statistics tied to the current market. At a time when the SPY, and DIA are near new all-time highs, the measures of the market internals are weak.  For example, why is the T2108 only at 40%?  This means that only 40% of NYSE stocks closed Friday above their 40 day […]

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