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Aug 30.15 / Dr. Wish
Is worst of stock market decline over? I’m not betting on it…..

Wouldn’t you know that the extreme market action would occur just after I went on vacation? I was not surprised by the down market last Monday. When stocks have a bad week and end on a down note on Friday, people get scared over the weekend and sell on Monday morning.  The depth of the […]

Aug 16.15 / Dr. Wish

Aug 09.15 / Dr. Wish
GMI back to 2 (of 6)–100% cash

With the GMI at 2, if Monday brings another weak day, the GMI will issue a Sell signal. I do not remember a time when the GMI was so unstable. I am therefore in cash in my trading accounts and on the sidelines.

Aug 02.15 / Dr. Wish
Fly on instruments?

This is one of those times when my emotions tell me to flee but my instruments say buy or hold. The GMI has again flashed a Buy signal.  My very short term trend count for the QQQ is  U-14, 14th day of an up-trend. The SPY has retaken its 30 week average along with the […]

Jul 26.15 / Dr. Wish
Big concerns–too many indexes in Stage IV declines; GMI near Sell

Over the past year I have been whip-sawed by stocks, with my trading account value going to all-time highs and then giving back the advance. I recently became so tired of the market roller coaster that I took a vacation from the market and went to the sidelines. So I missed the recent bounce and […]

Jul 19.15 / Dr. Wish
Buying climax in the $QQQ?

In reviewing my  market statistics this weekend, I was surprised by what I learned. With the Nasdaq 100 (QQQ) streaming to an all-time high last week I expected to see strength in my measures of how individual stocks had performed. The QQQ closed up 5.5% last week to an all-time high. But the SPY (+2.4%) […]

Jul 12.15 / Dr. Wish
Schizoid Mr. Market

The famous J.P. Morgan, when asked what the market will do, responded with, “It will fluctuate.” Today we use the euphemistic term, volatility. Mr. market is driven today by extreme news events coming out of Greece and China. Do we really believe the Chinese government can permanently kill a panicked bear by suspending trading in […]

Jun 29.15 / Dr. Wish
Bounce coming? In cash.

IBD says put/call ratio Monday was 1.24. Bounces usually come from this level. I am mainly in cash in my trading accounts. I forgot to post this table on Sunday night: But this is history. The GMI is now 1 (revised after IBD released mutual fund index) and another day below 3 will signal a […]

Jun 28.15 / Dr. Wish
$QQQ short term up-trend in peril–futures indicate wash out coming

IBD has now called the market up-trend under pressure and the QQQ short term trend could turn down with a weak or flat day on Monday. I reduced my long positions on Friday with the imminent end of mutual fund window dressing on Tuesday with the end of the second quarter. Too many stocks appeared […]

Jun 22.15 / Dr. Wish

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