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Apr 13.14 / Dr. Wish
15th day of $QQQ short term down-trend; 100% in cash; head and shoulders top to form???

For the first time since December, 2012, the QQQ has closed the week below its 30 week average (solid red line).  This is a serious sign of weakness that bears careful watching (pun intended).  If the QQQ remains below its 30 week average so that the average itself turns down, it will signal to me […]

Apr 06.14 / Dr. Wish
A Tale of Two Markets; IBD goes back to market in correction; Sell in May?

I have been posting for a while that the tech stocks were weak,  as reflected in the QQQ, even as the large cap stocks in the SPY and DIA remained strong. My short term trend count on the QQQ reached the 10th day of its down-trend on Friday.  I noted in my Thursday night post […]

Mar 30.14 / Dr. Wish
5th day of $QQQ short term down-trend; $FANG shows strength

Monday is a critical day for the market.  The QQQ is over-sold and it will either bounce or begin a significant decline. The key is to wait for the end of the trading day, around 3:45 PM, to see where the market will settle.  Right now I remain mainly in cash in my trading accounts, […]

Mar 23.14 / Dr. Wish
$QQQ short term up-trend in jeopardy; 3D stocks looking weak; $XEC, $NGVC, $ASGN–green line break-out

Friday’s late reversal threatens to end the QQQ short term up-trend that completed its 29th day on Friday. A down or flat day on Monday could begin a new short term down-trend.  However, with the end of the first quarter mutual fund window dressing occurring this week, the market could start off down on Monday […]

Mar 16.14 / Dr. Wish
Longer term up-trend of $QQQ intact; a new short term down-trend could develop with a weak Monday

With the GMI  at 5 (of 6), the longer term up-trend remains intact. IBD sees the market uptrend under pressure and notes that the put/call ratio on Friday was approaching 1.0, a sign that a bounce may be coming as bearishness grows. I am largely in cash in my trading accounts, having had my positions […]

Mar 09.14 / Dr. Wish
Green line break-outs last week: $SBGL,$WWE,$INVN,$BRKB,$STRT,%PRXL,$PL,$SAIA, $GTAT, $LSTR; 2007 type crash coming?

These 10 stocks broke through multi-month bases to all-time highs last week. I draw a green line at an all-time peak not broken for at least three months, sometimes for years.  I then use TC2000 to put in an alert and send me an email when the green line is broken.  All of my students […]

Mar 02.14 / Dr. Wish
14th day of QQQ short term up-trend; be careful

The markets reversed strongly down on Friday as did many of the speculative stocks I watch. Friday was also a high volume down (distribution?) day for the QQQ.  The market averages have been advancing since they bounced on 2/5.  I would not be surprised to see some retracement as current  events in Ukraine provide a […]

Feb 23.14 / Dr. Wish
9th day of $QQQ short term up-trend; $GLD turning up? Writing calls on $GLD; $GMCR, $QCOR, $IRBT green line break-outs

I have told you that I have been writing weekly calls on my position in GLD. GLD is an ETF that owns gold.  I have been learning how to bring in a nice income by writing calls on GLD because gold seems to be turning up in a Stage 2 up-trend. Gold often reflects investor […]

Feb 17.14 / Dr. Wish
Further Thoughts for DC Metro AAII; $QQQ remains in Stage 2 up-trend; $TSLA– green line break-out

I spent a wonderful morning Saturday presenting a workshop to the DC Metro AAII Chapter. The audience of primarily Boomers was very appreciative of my rather conservative presentation. I stressed the desirability of focusing more on ETF’s than individual stocks in order to lessen volatility and stress levels. As always, I recalled some points I […]

Feb 09.14 / Dr. Wish
Is this the end of the correction? 14 stocks at all-time highs!

The truth is that no one knows for sure.  IBD does still label the market in a correction. As I define it, the QQQ short term down-trend completed its 10th day on Friday.  Another flat or up day on Monday will end the down-trend and begin a new QQQ short term up-trend. I am  most […]

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