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Mar 04.15 / Dr. Wish

Mar 03.15 / Dr. Wish
19th day of $QQQ short term up-trend; $GMCR breaks out early in 2009

A reader asked me whether at the end of a major market decline I still look for green line break-outs.  Absolutely!  After a major decline there are few stocks at all-time highs.  That is where the new leaders are.  In March of 2009, I spotted GMCR breaking above its green line top to an all-time […]

Mar 02.15 / Dr. Wish
THE $LL debacle–GMMA gave clearer warning than Stage Analysis

If you watched 60 Minutes on Sunday night you know why LL fell out of bed on Monday, down -25%. But should anyone have been holding LL stock recently?  My students would have probably been out of LL simply by looking at a weekly chart and applying Weinstein’s Stage Analysis technique. LL was below its […]

Feb 26.15 / Dr. Wish

Feb 25.15 / Dr. Wish

Feb 24.15 / Dr. Wish
14th day of $QQQ short term up-trend; 12 promising stocks at new highs

Twelve stocks came up in my new high and great fundamentals scan.  All of these stocks have RWB rocket patterns and are worth researching.  All but BMA are at all-time highs. I own two of them.  

Feb 23.15 / Dr. Wish

Feb 19.15 / Dr. Wish

Feb 18.15 / Dr. Wish

Feb 17.15 / Dr. Wish
11th day of $QQQ short term up-trend; have treasury bonds peaked?

This daily chart of TLT, the ETF of the 20 year treasury bonds, is showing possible signs of the long awaited bottom in interest rates. As is IEF, the ETF for the 7-10 year treasury bonds. The price of bonds falls as investors fear a rise in interest rates.

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