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Nov 26.15 / Dr. Wish
Dollar in RWB up-trend, oil in BWR down-trend–I trade with the trend

UUP, the dollar ETF, is in a renewed  RWB up-trend, likely reflecting higher interest rates in the U.S. In contrast, oil, measured by  USO, remains in a BWR down-trend. The GMI is back to 6 (of 6). Happy Thanksgiving—will post next on 12/2.

Nov 24.15 / Dr. Wish
37th day of $QQQ short term up-trend; $DY–RWB rocket stock

The QQQ is right at resistance, but it looks strong to me. After a GLB in May and a retest in June and August, DY continues up-trend. It has been number 1 in the IBD50 list and I own it. Note how much clearer the trend is in a weekly chart. And even clearer in […]

Nov 23.15 / Dr. Wish
36th day of $QQQ short term up-trend; $AAPL rotting?

The head and shoulders top formation I have been talking about remains intact. Note that AAPL has  been unable to get above its declining 30 week average (red line). This may be an ominous Stage IV decline forming.  

Nov 22.15 / Dr. Wish
35th day of $QQQ short term up-trend; QQQ-RWB up-trend; $NTES, $LOW, $KITE–possible GLB

Curiously, there were still more now lows than highs on Friday.  This may be because the SPY and DIA are not as strong as the QQQ, which is composed mainly of nonfinancial tech stocks.  The QQQ is clearly in the beginning of a RWB up-trend and heading to new highs. But the SPY and DIA […]

Nov 19.15 / Dr. Wish
34th day of $QQQ short term up-trend; EA rides Star Wars

I have been watching EA ever since my stock buddy, Judy, told me about their likely benefiting from their games with a Star Wars theme. When EA bounced from support on Thursday, I purchased some. EA may be retaking its green line break-out. If it breaks below support I will quickly sell. Star Wars comes […]

Nov 18.15 / Dr. Wish
33rd day of $QQQ short term up-trend; 2X more new lows than highs; $CMN–RWB stock

While the indexes are rebounding, it is noteworthy that there were twice as many stocks at new lows than new highs on Wednesday. About 86% of the Nasdaq 100 stocks rose, compared to 67% of all stocks. So the tech stocks are out-performing right now. Only one stock came up in my new high and […]

Nov 17.15 / Dr. Wish

Nov 16.15 / Dr. Wish
GMI holds as market bounces; $RTN, $TAP and $JBT surge to all-time highs

The scenario I sketched on Sunday night came true with the market bouncing from oversold. Almost one half of the Nasdaq 100 stocks reached extremely oversold levels on Monday. The GMI did not flash a Sell signal. I bought a few positions that bounced up off of support on Monday and will sell if the […]

Nov 15.15 / Dr. Wish
GMI near a Sell signal, markets at a critical juncture

I wrote weeks ago that I had exited the market in all of my accounts and wanted to see how the rebound from the summer lows proceeded. (I cringed as the market recovered.) The market is now at a very critical point.  The indexes could not hold new highs and have turned down. As I […]

Nov 12.15 / Dr. Wish

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