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Mar 26.15 / Dr. Wish

Mar 25.15 / Dr. Wish
7th day of $QQQ short term up-trend

IBD again sees market uptrend under pressure. A flat or down day on Thursday will change the QQQ short term trend to down.

Mar 24.15 / Dr. Wish

Mar 23.15 / Dr. Wish

Mar 22.15 / Dr. Wish
4th day of $QQQ short term up-trend; Trading RWB break-outs

IBD says the market uptrend has resumed.  All of my GMI and GMI2 components are positive. This GMMA chart of the NASDAQ Composite index shows it to be in a strong RWB up-trend.  Note the weekly close (dotted line) is back above all of the other moving averages.     I use TC2000 to scan […]

Mar 19.15 / Dr. Wish

Mar 18.15 / Dr. Wish

Mar 17.15 / Dr. Wish
1st day of $QQQ short term up-trend

The new up-trend will have to last 5 days for me to have confidence in it. It is very strange and noteworthy  that only a minority of the Nasdaq 100 stocks rose  as that index advanced. IBD still sees the market uptrend under pressure.

Mar 16.15 / Dr. Wish

Mar 15.15 / Dr. Wish
3rd day of $QQQ short term down-trend; small-caps out-perform

IBD still sees market up-trend under pressure. The GMI is still on a Buy signal from January, but is holding to a middle 3 our of 6.  The new QQQ short term down-trend must reach at least 5 days for me to be more confident about it. Interestingly, the IWM, Russell 2000 ETF , seems […]

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