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Nov 24.14 / Dr. Wish

Nov 23.14 / Dr. Wish
21st day of $QQQ up-trend; indexes may be over-extended

The three market index ETFs I follow (DIA, QQQ, SPY) all opened outside of their upper daily 15.2 Bollinger Bands and closed back below them. This may represent extremely over-bought conditions. A down day on Monday would likely indicate some retracement of the recent rally will take place. I am therefore very cautious about the […]

Nov 20.14 / Dr. Wish

Nov 19.14 / Dr. Wish
19th day of $QQQ short term up-trend; $AGIO still rocks

On September 25, I posted that AGIO had had a green line break-out on above average volume. Take a look at what AGIO did on Wednesday, up 14.5% on huge volume! Could the buyers of AGIO  in late September anticipate the great news released on Tuesday evening?    

Nov 18.14 / Dr. Wish
18th day of $QQQ short term up-trend; $BITA continues break-out and $ILMN re-tests GLB

A few days ago I posted a chart showing that BITA had a likely cup and handle break-out. BITA rested the day after the break-out and then continued its rise on Tuesday. (Click on chart to enlarge.) ILMN  successfully tested its recent green line break-out (GLB).

Nov 17.14 / Dr. Wish

Nov 16.14 / Dr. Wish
Daily GMMA of $QQQ shows continued strong up-trend; $BITA: cup and handle break-out

The daily GMMA chart of the QQQ shows the strong current up-trend in this index ETF.  The arrows show recent GMI Buy and Sell signals.  Note how the short term averages (red lines) constrict when a pause occurs. As long as the shorter term averages are rising above the longer term averages (blue) the up-trend […]

Nov 13.14 / Dr. Wish

Nov 12.14 / Dr. Wish

Nov 11.14 / Dr. Wish

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