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Aug 30.15 / Dr. Wish
Is worst of stock market decline over? I’m not betting on it…..

Wouldn’t you know that the extreme market action would occur just after I went on vacation? I was not surprised by the down market last Monday. When stocks have a bad week and end on a down note on Friday, people get scared over the weekend and sell on Monday morning.  The depth of the […]

Aug 28.15 / Dr. Wish
In cash

IBD sees the market in correction and reports a put/call ratio of 1.0 on Thursday. It reached an extreme  level above 1.4 earlier in the week.  The market tends to bounce when the put/call ratio is greater than 1. With the GMI at 0, it remains to be seen if we have a bottom in. […]

Aug 26.15 / Dr. Wish
T2108 called this bounce–yet again!

The Worden T2108 indicator measures the percentage of all  NYSE stocks that closed above their simple 40 day moving average. When T2108 falls below 10% it is a sign that the market will bounce from a very oversold level. The T2108 was at 6 on Tuesday and at 10 at Wednesday’s close. There have only […]

Aug 25.15 / Dr. Wish
9th day of $QQQ short term down-trend; Sell in May worked

I am 100% in cash.  Market did better on Tuesday than is apparent from averages. Only 337 new lows, down from 1465 on Monday. There were 40% gainers versus 7% on Monday.  With T2108 at 6%, the market is very oversold. Guppy chart of SPY is not yet BWR, but RWB pattern is clearly over. […]

Aug 25.15 / Dr. Wish
T2108 at 7%; in cash; BE CAREFUL

The T2108 has fallen to single digits. I have always found that I should have held my breath and bought anytime it has fallen below 10%. While on vacation last week I went 95% to cash in all trading accounts. I will wait for the dust to settle to determine my future moves. My short […]

Aug 19.15 / Dr. Wish
Longer term up-trend intact; $ZLTQ

  As I struggle to maintain my weight loss of the past few years, a friend told me she was going to try the cold body sculpting method of reducing bulges. I researched the company (ZLTQ) that produces this new body shaping technique and bought some shares. Maybe this stock will win the battle of […]

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