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Feb 25.15 / Dr. Wish

Feb 24.15 / Dr. Wish
14th day of $QQQ short term up-trend; 12 promising stocks at new highs

Twelve stocks came up in my new high and great fundamentals scan.  All of these stocks have RWB rocket patterns and are worth researching.  All but BMA are at all-time highs. I own two of them.  

Feb 23.15 / Dr. Wish

Feb 22.15 / Dr. Wish
An important limitation of the GMI signals

I have found that since 2006, the GMI has done a good job of keeping me on the side of the general market trend. It is my cardinal rule to trade consistent with the market trend.  While the GMI has helped me to exit the market in prior major declines, I have discovered an important […]

Feb 19.15 / Dr. Wish

Feb 18.15 / Dr. Wish

Feb 17.15 / Dr. Wish
11th day of $QQQ short term up-trend; have treasury bonds peaked?

This daily chart of TLT, the ETF of the 20 year treasury bonds, is showing possible signs of the long awaited bottom in interest rates. As is IEF, the ETF for the 7-10 year treasury bonds. The price of bonds falls as investors fear a rise in interest rates.

Feb 16.15 / Dr. Wish
GMMA charts show no market top in sight

I read a lot of pundits who repeatedly claim that this market is topping. If they keep claiming this, someone will eventually be correct! But we technicians rely on indicators to guide our trading. We must always guard against marrying a scenario and be ready to change direction to be consistent with the market’s main […]

Feb 12.15 / Dr. Wish
7th day of $QQQ short term up-trend; $PTLA taking off?

Rally rolls on. PTLA is a stock my stock buddy Judy has talked to me about for a long time. They have an exciting drug under development. This weekly chart shows that the  stock may be getting ready to re-take its green line top to another all-time high. I own some.

Feb 11.15 / Dr. Wish

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