QQQQ Short Term Up-trend resumes; Worden workshop coming to DC; RWB stock: PRGO


The GMI rose to 5 and the GMI-R to 7 on Monday.   I began a new QQQQ short term up-trend count. I still will feel more confidence in the new up-trend if it reaches day 5.   Nevertheless, it is okay for me to go long again in my short term account.   My university pension account has remained 100% long in mutual funds the entire time.   There were 367 stocks at new 52 week highs in my universe of 4,000 stocks on Monday, a sign of strength…

The students in my classes use the TC2007 stock charting program to analyze stocks.   The Worden people, who offer the program, are coming to the Washington, DC area this Friday and Saturday.   The one day workshop is free in the morning and will take place at the University of Maryland Conference Center in College Park. I use TC2007 to run all of my analyses and statistics. UMDSMC participants may want to attend the workshop on one of these days.   It is how I learned   to use the TC2007 software. I will attend the workshop on one of these days.

A stock on Monday’s new high list that is at its all-time high and and a RWB rocket stock is PRGO.   Note in the weekly chart below that PRGO   has appeared in IBD’s New America column of visionary companies twice in 2010. I always want to buy the strongest stocks that are near all-time highs.   In the stock market, the strong get stronger, until they top.   When they top, I always have an exit plan to limit losses. Most people want to buy a stock that will go to the moon, but are reluctant to buy stocks that are launched and heading to the stars.   People looking for bargains in the stock market often end up with losers.

University of Maryland Stock Challenge now open

All students, faculty,   staff and honors alumni of the University System of Maryland are invited to register for the Spring 2011 Stock Challenge.   Registration is free and everyone gets a $100,000 margin account to trade.   It is a great way to learn how to manage an account without risking real money.   There are a lot of educational links on the site.   Register at   www.umdsmc.com.